Reba McEntire Fires at Hollywood Celebs – She Published Pro-American Song With Major Difference


Reba McEntire fires back at all the Hollywood celebrities who support the idiotic liberal propaganda. This woman is one of the best country singers ever and is much respected in the music industry. This is why many are not surprised by her powerful message to all liberals in her latest song. Right after the song hit the radio many people reached out to Reba and made her even more proud of herself. This song is also dedicated to all of the American people who believe in lies and are expressing their outrage and dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump.

via USA News Flash

In her new song, McEntire reminds us that we should put our focus on getting this country back to God, in these hard times when Americans are burning flags, dishonoring the military and police officers that keep us safe, rioting in the streets and wishing death on the POTUS.

So in times such as these were faith most be restored, not just in God, but in the new president as well, the artist wrote one of the most touching pieces of music, which she elaborated on saying: “You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying.” With a little more faith, and a little more respect for faith, the turmoil and division in this country will die down. This country will unite under our President.”


This is so powerful on another level. It is much different from the words that Nancy Pelosi, Rosie O’Donnell and similar people like them spread. They are only brainwashing the people across the nation to hate on Trump without a reason. The hate must be stopped, we need to spread love and have a better understanding.