High Alert: Bananas Being Injected With HIV Blood… Here’s How You Spot Them


This is something that was not expected at all. I mean the food that we consume should be the safest thing ever. According to few reports, officials in the United States find out something unbelievably disturbing. Somebody is injecting HIV- infected blood into bananas. How is this even possible? How can somebody do something like this?

via American News 

Newsbake reports that eight children were diagnosed with HIV in the month of March, all from eating bananas from a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart. The mothers of these children became concerned when the children, all under the age of 17, started showing symptoms like fatigue, chills, rashes, and mouth sores.

A woman named Anna Aquavia posted a shocking message on Facebook about the incident, noting:

“This happened to my friends sister who lives in Nebraska but please share this and be aware. Someone is injecting blood into bananas. The hospital tested the banana and it is indeed blood. After researching on the Internet, apparently someone is injecting HIV positive blood into bananas and oranges.”

Now, there is allegedly a major recall on bananas coming from India, due to many of them being injected with the virus. An estimated 2 million bananas were affected by the disease.

HIV may survive in dried blood at room temperature for up to five or six days provided that the optimum pH level is maintained; drying of blood does not seem to affect the infectivity of HIV. Look before you eat and consider what you are buying tomorrow at the market.